User Experience and User Interface Designer
Welcome to my portfolio! I create intuitive and engaging digital experiences that delight users and drive business success.

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Passionate Product Design

With 10+ years of experience in crafting user-friendly interfaces and seamless user experiences, I bring a user-centered approach to every project. My goal is to design products that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and accessible.



Creating detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize and test design concepts.

Visual Design

Designing aesthetically pleasing and cohesive interfaces that reflect brand identity.


Usability Testing

While supporting user researcher conducting tests to ensure designs are user-friendly and meet user expectations.

Design Systems

Developing and maintaining a set of design standards and components for a cohesive user experience.


Mobile App Design

Designing intuitive and engaging interfaces for mobile applications across various platforms.

E-commerce Design

Creating seamless and engaging shopping experiences that drive conversions and sales.



Interaction Design

Crafting interactive elements that enhance the user experience and engagement.


Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring content in a way that helps users find information easily and intuitively.


Content Strategy

Planning and developing content that aligns with user needs and business goals.


What I Offer

… in a nutshell:

Empathize with the users

Learn about the audience and create personas.

Define the problem

Identifying the users’ needs, desirers, pain points.

Ideate and brainstorm

Generating ideas for feature solutions and design.

Wire framing and Mockups

Page und specific content outline.

Prototype and Clickdummies

Turning ideas into concrete examples.

Test the output

Evaluating the concepts and design

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